Continuing Education Courses

Improving Safety at Intersections

Dates: January 28-30, 2020

Meets: Tu, W and Th from 10:00 AM to 12 N

Location: Online

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This course grants 0.6 CEUs and 6.0 CMs. (AICP CMs pending approval)


About 65 percent of all crashes in urban areas and 40 percent of those in rural areas occur at or near intersections or driveways. Safety improvements at these locations have always been a priority and pose a challenge for most transportation agencies in California. Because crashes are typically complex events, a great diversity of mitigation measures have been tried with varying degrees of success, including the modern round-about. A comprehensive program to reduce crashes by implementing engineering measures should find ways to improve safety and traffic operations at high crash intersections and at mid-block locations. It should also look at collisions involving pedestrians and bicyclists.

This webinar will discuss the best approach to identifying mitigation measures that can be successful in reducing collisions. It will identify the different types of measures that can be used depending on the historical patterns at a given location. This webinar offers a range of guidelines, solutions, and strategies for reducing conflicts and crashes at intersection locations. Safety improvements appropriate for both urban and rural areas are explored. The webinar will be interactive with the students who will be asked to identify the best possible solutions to specific safety problems. Case studies will be discussed and what can be learned from them.

Topics Include

  • Intersection Safety Facts and Elements – What is the data telling us?
  • Improving the Effectiveness of Traffic Control Devices
  • The Importance of Sight Distance for Intersection Safety
  • Reducing Collisions at High Crash Intersections
  • Safety Aspects of Designing Signalized Intersections
  • Twenty Pitfalls of Timing Traffic Signals
  • Safety Aspects of Non-Signalized Intersections
  • Do Roundabouts Always Work?
  • Innovative Designs for Improving Intersection Safety and Capacity