2023 Annual Meeting

The Central Coast and Central California Sections are proposing to co-host the 2023 ITE Western District Annual Meeting in Fresno, CA.

I am currently the President of the Central Coast Section and will serve as the 2023 Local Arrangement Chair (LAC) Chair. I have begun working with the Central California Section on assembling a team for this meeting. I served as the LAC Chair of the 2012 Annual Meeting in Santa Barbara and recently served on the 2019 LAC as the Technical Chair.

At this time, we are seeking interest from ITE members who would like to be involved with the planning for the 2023 Annual Meeting in Fresno. There are numerous opportunities to help, including the technical program, sponsorships, vendor coordination, social and technical tours, registration, student events, the MiteY Race, and much more. The majority of work happens in the 24-months prior to the meeting, but the planning work has already started.

If you are interested in joining the 2023 Local Arrangement Committee and show everyone that we can, again, put on a great meeting, please contact me at mericleman@me.com.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Tom Mericle
2023 Annual Meeting LAC Chair