Rebranding as “ITE”

The ITE International President, Bruce Belmore, recently sent out an email to all District, Chapter, and Section presidents about rebranding the Institute of Transportation Engineers organization as “ITE” as a way to grow, modernize, and enhance the value of ITE to the transportation community. In order for ITE to be successful in the long run it needs to adapt. This post is a summary of his email that lays out the rational (as such, some of the language is his and copied over).

An all-member survey was conducted earlier this year town hall sessions were held at each of the District meetings and at the ITE Annual Meeting.  One of the issues identified is the branding of ITE. Although ITE has strong brand recognition among current members, it is a barrier to attracting new members as many prospective members believe that ITE is an organization “just for engineers.”  Part of this perception is related to the name “Institute of Transportation Engineers.”  Although ITE has started using the tag line – A Community of Transportation Professionals – the effort to advance this approach has been limited and, as a result, has had limited market penetration.

At its recent meeting the International Board of Direction expressed their intent to comprehensively rebrand the organization as “ITE” in lieu of using the “Institute of Transportation Engineers,” and to more aggressively try to change the perception of ITE as a Community of Transportation Professionals.  The goal would be to retain the strong brand recognition that is associated with “ITE” while at the same time attracting and meeting the needs of the larger transportation community. 

ITE staff will be developing a communications and implementation strategy for implementing this change. The Board is asking for our input on how we can most successfully advance this effort.  If you have any thoughts or would like to talk about this initiative, please let me know. If necessary, I can prepare a response by the Central Coast Section, but will have to have it in to ITE  by October 1.

Tom Mericle, President, Central Coast Section

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