ITE Diversity Scholars Program

ITE has established a new Diversity Scholars Program. The program was developed to help bring first generation, underrepresented minority students into our profession.  Each recipient receives annual financial support (for up to 5 years of undergraduate education), peer support through membership in the student ITE chapter, mentorship from a local ITE member and an internship with a transportation firm or public agency.  The first two ITE Diversity Scholars were recently selected and are enrolling in school this fall.

This program was developed by the ITE Legacy Committee which is comprised of ITE Past Presidents, and provides stewardship and support for the ITE Legacy Program, including the Diversity Scholars Program.  Committee members are committed to reaching out to individuals and companies to secure long-term commitments and support for the Diversity Scholars Program and a fund-raising campaign will be initiated this fall. 

The Committee has asked all of the Sections to consider contributing to the program and we will be doing so when we develop our 202 budget over the next few months. However, given out section’s small size and limited budget it is likely we will not be able to. If you or your company are interested in participating in the program and helping out this ITE wide initiative, please let me know.

Tom Mericle

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