Continuing Education Opportunities

As transportation professionals we need to continue to grow and learn about our profession. This can happen by attendance at local section meetings, district meetings, or international meetings. It can also happen through training programs focused on keeping you updated with current practices. I want to highlight a particular program in California that has been serving training needs for professionals for over 70 years.

The University of California, Berkeley Institute of Transportation Studies Tech Transfer program provides lots of opportunity for practicing professionals to receive training through workshops, conferences, classes, and publications in the transportation field. They have both online training as well as in person. There are a variety of classes available at the following website:

Berkeley Tech Transfer Class Schedule

The listing includes classes through 2019 and into 2020 with topics ranging from the Fundamentals of Traffic Engineering, Traffic Signal Controllers, Roundabouts, Roadside Safety, and Liability and Risk Management. Please take a look and see if any of these classes would be a benefit for you or your staff.

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